Stuff you might want to know

What should I bring?    

A sense of adventure and a sense of humor are great starts!  We also recommend aqua socks,
sun screen and hats. Repellent with DEET (June-Oct).  We have some snorkel gear, beach chairs,
umbrellas, small ice chests as well as blow dryers and irons if needed.

How do we find you?    

We are located in town about 1 mile north of the airport.  From the airport you can either take a
transportation van (about $6usd per person) or rent a car.   The vans know the way. If you are
driving, head into town.  Continue down to the water, turn left, go 2 blocks to Calle Juarez, turn
left, we are one block up on the right hand side.

Calling Home:     

We do not have phones available at the Inn, that's why it's so quiet!  You can provide our email to
the folks back home for emergencies.  Phone booths are on about every corner and require a
phone card ( ladatel card ) that is widely available.

Can I get laundry done?    

Absolutely! Just not by us. But there is a great fluff and fold 2 block away for 50 pesos per load
(mas o menos).

Paying for Stuff:     

Credit cards and traveler's checks are accepted on a very limited basis throughout town. We also
recommend paying in pesos for a better value.  There are three banks in town with ATM's . The
ATM's give the best exchange rate and yes, they dispense PESOS, not dollars, yen or euros.

Car rentals:      

Hertz, Budget, Alamo, and Europcar have offices in town and at the airport.  We
purchasing the maximum insurance available.  It is pricey, but priceless in the event
of an "incident."

Parking it:

We provide gated on-site parking and lots of comfortable chairs.  On-site parking is reserved for
guests driving their personally owned vehicles.  There is plenty of parking on the street in front of
the Iguana Inn for our guests driving rental cars.


If you insist (after all you are on vacation), we have a BBQ and stove outside , a microwave, frig,
toaster and coffee maker inside.  We also provide all the cooking utensils.

Keeping informed:      
There are  several sports bars in town that air games and CNN International. Internet cafes are
also in abundance.  Otherwise you can rely on us to let you know if anything really important

Can I drink the water?      

Our water is potable.  However, we supply purified drinking water to our guests which tastes
better and is safer to drink.

Maid Service:      

Maid service is offered on an as needed basis.

Medical Stuff:      Minor things we can usually handle with aspirin, band aids, iodine and/or tequila
as needed.  There is also a very efficient clinic in town and a doctor who makes  "Inn" calls.
Loreto, Baja California Sur